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Thread: Traditional Japanese metal from hell

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    Traditional Japanese metal from hell

    I was talking to a friend on FaceBook about folk metal and traditional Japanese music and I got the idea to try low-tuned extreme metal with Japanese scales and I wrote and recorded this little 1 minute thing in about 10-15 minutes. As for the lead guitar being kind of... aimless and not going anywhere, yeah, it's just random improvisation.

    I think it sounds pretty cool though.

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    I dig it.

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    It sounds cool
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    i like where it's going. a cool cover would be the japanese national anthem.
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    Pretty cool take on it!

    I think the closest thing I've heard to "Traditional Japanese Metal" would be some of the stuff from the Guilty Gear soundtracks:

    [VIDEO]]Guilty Gear X2 OST-"Momentary Life" - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Yeah, I thought most Japanese metal was cheesy power metal ballads like you hear on anime opening title sequences:

    [VIDEO]]Claymore Opening - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    (I'm ashamed to say that after having watched the Claymore series, the damned opening and ending songs have embedded themselves in my brain. And thanks to the power of YouTube, I've heard the full-length versions now.)

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