Yesterday i had the best 2,5 hours of my life!

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Thread: Yesterday i had the best 2,5 hours of my life!

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    Yesterday i had the best 2,5 hours of my life!

    I went to see Joe Bonamassa live, here in Finland and i have to say: Holy fuck!


    2 and half hours of epic goodness and i was blown away by the very first second. The band was tight and Joe just owned!

    No i have to apologize for myself, because i'm not the biggest fan,don't remember every songs name, so i cannot tell you the set list or anything like that. I liked everything about it, the songs, singing, his guitars and the toan! Hands up for rhythm section too, they were tight!

    Most memorable guitar of his was Les Paul with what looked like a Firebird headstock and single humbucker.

    Best song was Sloe gin, loved it and of course Ballad of John Henry!

    Best times were before he started this "battle" with the drummer and he took out double neck SG and someone from the audience yelled "STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN!!1" and he stopped and gave him the then they proceeded with the "battle" and they went on and on with it, then finally he stops again looks at the audience and goes and plays the intro for stairway to heaven, WIN WIN WIN! Drummer threw his sticks and was like "Damn, haha"

    He played 2 hours and then went on a break, for like 5mins then comes back and tells us, "My friend sent me this e-mail about good things about drinking water, so i have been drinking water very much these days. About an hour ago i had to pee so bad i thought my head's gonna burst. So you know what a sweet relief this encore is" and then played few more songs and that was that.

    I smiled whole way home(like 3 hour drive).

    Sorry for long ass post and lack of pics (No camera )

    But here's a video from youtube, maybe it will give your lost minutes back!

    [VIDEO]]Joe Bonamassa - Sloe gin @ Royal Albert Hall - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    I love that guitar! It's a custom that Joe had Gibson build for him. He calls it the Bona-byrd. Here are some links with more info: Bona-byrd yer or no? (Page 1)
    Joe Bonamass Bona-Byrd - My Les Paul Forums

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    Ain't gonna lie, I am jealous. Missed him when he was in Seattle last December. Been listening to Joe pretty much non-stop for the last couple of years. Of all his work, Black Country Communion is by far my favorite. They have a live dvd and if you don't already have it, get it.

    [VIDEO]]Black Country Communion - The Ballad of John Henry - Live Over Europe DVD - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    One funny thing that comes to my mind.

    Before he played Ballad of John Henry, he said "I've made 12 albums and 150(something like that, escapes my memory) songs and not one of them was a hit. I have a new record coming out in few months and i guarantee you, my loyal fans, it wont have any hits either. But this next song is closest what i have for a hit song"

    Good call on that BCC dvd, gotta check that out.

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    I just recently listened to Joe Bonamassa and am not quite sure why I never made time to listen to him before. Man have I been missing out.

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