I'm bored of my own band before it's even got off the ground...

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Thread: I'm bored of my own band before it's even got off the ground...

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    I'm bored of my own band before it's even got off the ground...

    I'm just bummed out at the moment and need to vent, so sorry if this is the wrong section, but I figured since it was music related...

    So my 'band' (it feels like a joke to even call it that) has been struggling to get off the ground for the last 3 years. With so many line up changes and commitment issues it's been a real slog. In those 3 years I have written and recorded 99% of everything that is our material, with the hope of it becoming an EP/demo, and aspirations of a début album down the road.

    The thing is, I poured my heart and soul into these songs, they are my babies, and I've mixed and re-mixed and re-recorded and really tried to form a sound that is, whilst not exactly unique, still something that can fit into a particular signature I suppose, and something I can call 'ours'.

    But it's taken so long to get the train a' rollin' that I feel that I've moved on from the songs before they've even seen the light of day. They are strong songs, the type anyone can get into, and I know people will enjoy them, but I'm sort of bored of that style and that sound, and feel that I want to get going with something new. Not massively new, but just an evolution of sorts.

    This is the sort of evolution that would occur naturally within a band anyway, the only difference being a band would have played these songs and introduced them to the world before progressing to something else. I feel like I want to do that now though, before they've been given an audience.

    Do I trash them and move on? Have I wasted 3 years of my fucking life writing mediocre metal that nobody's ever heard outside of rehearsal and a few forum posts? A couple of the tracks, and certainly a few of the riffs, will stay with me, but the rest just feels dead to me now. I don't get the same buzz when I jam them, or daydream about playing them live, but I'm not sure if that's just a reflection on how I'm feeling about the band situation itself.

    Perhaps I'm trashing the songs/style as a vicarious purging of the people who are in my 'band'. Dudes who can't be fucked most of the time, and who make really undemanding occasions into bigger commitments than the band. I'm sick of it, sick of them, sick of stagnating. I'm feeling inspired to go in a new direction, but I'm also a bit lost.

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    I'd move on. Have those songs be a snapshot of where you were, great markers of learning in recording and writing them, and move on. Its a good thing you want to evolve. This is how new things are written and created.

    And sadly, as far as the band goes? I gave up my aperations long ago. I would love to have something going, but quite honestly, the pool for such people is a shallow and dry one at best. Its hard to find people on the same page, with the same drive, willing to make the same commitments, and if you do happen to find people like that, its hard to get along with those personalities at times. Alot of things have to fall into place to make it work.
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    Man, I can relate entirely, but over a slightly longer period. I've recorded songs our songs about 4 times now, and there's always been someone slacking holding it up (usually the vocalist and bassist). I'm really not interested in any of the songs anymore. They don't represent where I'm at musically now at all.

    We seem to have a lineup that's about ready to record, but I'm just not feeling it like I used to. So I'm keenly waiting to see the answer to this!

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    It's taken three years to get to the point of recording songs, and getting a working lineup together? Cry me a fucking river, dude, since that's par for the course with my band.

    Seriously, though, you'll feel better if you get out there and start gigging. The problem is you have been doing all the work (writing, rehearsing, recording, auditioning), and have had none of the fun (playing shows and selling your product to fans). Give the car a run around the block before you decide to bag it.
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    Most bands I know in metal have had some material they wrote and never got out there. My own band played for a few years before we recorded a proper release and got that out. We tried to record a few times but were never happy with the result and were pretty clueless about the whole thing. We don't play those tracks anymore as we changed a nice bit in that time musically, changed some members and eventually turned instrumental! It was worth the wait as we have a good lineup now and people seem to like our stuff.
    If I were you I'd maybe take a few of the better songs and have those for live use or maybe release an EP with a select few of the tracks. Keep at it anyway as gigging is one of the better parts of playing in a band, you can make friends, travel and have some fun nights gigging!
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    Quote Originally Posted by noodles View Post
    Give the car a run around the block before you decide to bag it.

    I agree with Noodles. Yes you're sick of you're songs because you've done it so many times by yourself but I still think you will feel some gratification if you do get at line up complete and finally play them live. Even if you release them as just an EP or first album or whatever, you will be that much more ready to get the next album out there for any fans.

    And I wouldn't call your music "average" dude. You have some great chops and catchy and groovey songs. I'm sure it would be fun to play that stuff live!

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    I think you should release the stuff, and As Noodles added, you're doing a lot of work with little to show for it. I've had talks with another member of my band (and the prominent songwriter) about this subject. We see a lot of local bands trying really hard to get their act together, and by the time they release an ep/single/start playing out/whatever, they've decided that they're not interested in it anymore, and go about member changes (due to change of direction problems), name changes, and a lot of other stuff. In the end they wind up very dissatisfied. Where this came into play with my own band is like this; before we had even recorded the our debut EP (which we did this past January), we already were writing stuff that we decided was something we would want on the second record. This was because, over the course of 2011, when all the writing for this project had begun and taken place, there were different sort of "era's". We had the EP, then we had enough songs for a LP, and then even a few for a second record. We could have scrapped the old, ideas (because the new stuff is unequivocally better), but we didn't, because we knew that if we didn't put out the EP, we would forever be writing newer stuff, and becoming dissatisfied with the older material.

    I think you should put together a quality EP of what you have, and then push the project in the newer directions that you would like.

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    keep it for a 'garage days:revisted' release 10 years from now when you're famous from your new material
    just passing through....

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