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Thread: Need new metal songs :)

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    Need new metal songs :)

    Yeahh i need some new metal songs to learn that are catchy, fun to play and that may have (or not) awesome lyrics.

    Two of my favorite are My Curse by Killswitch Engage (Not difficult but cool)

    And my preffered, semi-difficult one Instinct by As Blood Runs Black

    I am currently unable to provide any links but I hope you guys search them up anyway.

    Any help is much appreciated, please and thank you

    Rock on!

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    [VIDEO]]The Haunted - 99 - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Not a new song, but neither are any of the songs you mentioned... and this song RULEZZZ. Was just listening to this album earlier.

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    [VIDEO]]Misura----Set the Fire - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Blinded by Fear and Slaughter of the Soul by At The Gates.

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    Hmm, semi-difficult you say? Why not try playing This Godless Endavour, then? Really catchy riff, especially the one starting at 6:28

    [VIDEO]]This Godless Endeavor - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    One that everyone has probably learned at some point in time,

    Unholy Confessions - Avenged Sevenfold

    That will help you a fair bit with alternate picking, as much as i dont really enjoy A7X anymore that song is pretty damn fun to play.

    even stuff by Atreyu can help you with small techniques to help you progress to learning harder songs.

    Right side of the bed
    Bleeding Mascara

    Try learning a few Parkway Drive songs for help with your tremolo picking.

    Parkway Drive:
    Smoke em if you got em
    Gimme A D
    Its hard to speak without a tongue

    Thats what i started on,
    then i progressed by picking up little techniques from each band and started learning stuff like JFAC and Sea of Treachery.

    but overall the best thing to learn is basic theory. theres nothing more rewarding then making your own song that you can be half happy with.
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