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    Join Date: Feb 2012
    Location: Tampa FL/Exeter NH
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    Heavy Metal Club

    I just spent the last 4 hours sitting in the main lobby of the University of tampa campus blaring decapitated and nile advertising for the heavy metal club.

    12 people joined.

    1,279 people were pissed off and forced to listen to it.

    i'd say thats a win/win.

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    Yep, that's a win.

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    Join Date: Mar 2012
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    lol. nice!

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    Started one here at Florida Tech my freshmen year. Lasted 2 semesters then our adviser quit her job at the school and we just ended it. I also started trying in school around second semester lol
    Biomimetic Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Designer

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    My Brutal Death Metal Project

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    Join Date: Feb 2012
    Location: Tampa FL/Exeter NH
    ME: Hellraiser C-7
    Rig: Line 6 Spider 3

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    i have no plans on what to do with the group other than just blast death metal in the campus main lobby and use student government money for concert tickets...or "networking events".

    just a bunch of new people to jam with, and one incredibly hot chick signed up. as headmaster of the group i get first dibbs.

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    Fuck Yeah, I'd totally join if I was in Tampa and in college for that matter.

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