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Thread: Is it just me or...

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    Is it just me or...

    ... does this David Garrett violin guy have the most annoying vibrator ever?!

    At 1:44 my body crinches.

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    He has a problem that I struggle with - his vibrato is too fast for this song, IMO, and he seems to not have much speed control. It's also VERY wide. Maybe this song isn't the greatest example or it doesn't show the full variety of his range, though...
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    Same here. It sounds like an old lady's quivering voice just before she's about to die.

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    No, its not just you.

    I can't stand this guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ola Englund View Post
    ... does this David Garrett violin guy have the most annoying vibrator ever?!
    I don't know about his vibrator, but from the sound of his vibrato, he's got one shoved up his ass, and it's set for "kill".

    Wide, constant and uncontrolled vibrato on any instrument (including vocals) is a sign to me that the player/singer really has no clue how to use it as a dynamic tool to draw out more emotion in their playing.

    Making every single note wiggle is annoying as fuck to listen to, and is what i call "musical theatre melodrama". You see performers in Andrew Lloyd Weber productions do this all the time, and just about every time some "professional" singer massacres a national anthem.

    I wish the guitarist had stuck to Slash's beautifully melodic solos, and they didn't even play the epic second half of the song, which was just MADE for orchestral playing! Bah! Amateurs!

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    I watched his concert on PBS
    Wasn't super impressed really.

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    I don't notice it too much in the lower registers, but when he gets into the higher notes it makes me wince.

    Just listening to it isn't too bad, but I can't possibly watch him play. My whole body tenses up (I'm cringing that badly).

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    I'm waiting for the gate to open, and Teal'c to come out a put an end to it.

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