Musikmesse 2012 - belated Report & Footage (lots of eye candies!)

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Thread: Musikmesse 2012 - belated Report & Footage (lots of eye candies!)

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    Musikmesse 2012 - belated Report & Footage (lots of eye candies!)

    Hi folks! Some of you might remember my last year's report

    This year, unfortunately, I didn't have the time nor the effort to shot and edit as many pictures, but I still have some interesting stuff, hope you'll like it!

    Let's start with the Diezel Amplification / Blackmachine guitars booth:

    [VIDEO]]Blackmachine Guitars / Diezel Amps booth @ Musikmesse 2012 - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    As usual, Peter Diezel, Peter Stapfer and the others are super cool and passionate people to talk about guitar and gear-related stuff. Their amps are just superior sounding imho, the Hagen being my absolute fav: it's so mean, powerful, modern, with a lot of juice and punch. Also one of the most versatile amps I've ever tried, with soulful cleans and everything in between.

    This year there was a new model called "D-Moll" (D-Min) which is just an incredible Metal amp. It had more of a "old-school thrash" voicing imho, sounded awesome. And of course there was the Herbert, which is the most brutal thing ever in guitar amplification. Just hear the massive Blackmachine B7 through it to summon the Devil himself

    Talking about Blackmachines, Doug this year brought three guitars, a spalted-flame top B7, a "private-stock" quality one-piece quilt F8, and his personal flame-koa top B2, which you can see here with me, Fred Brum (FredtheShred here) and Felix Niehoff (got_tone here):

    The B7 has Bareknuckle Aftermaths and sounds huge as all hell, very similar to Fred Brum's personal one. Macassar ebony fretboard is smoooooth, neck is to die for. While I prefer my B2 aesthetically, the matched hardware makes it look very classy. I find Aftermaths too harsh and "clanky" in certain guitars, but they shine on this one. I guess chambered mahogany body + rosewood neck makes all the difference.

    The F8 is just the best eight string guitar I've ever seen and played, I'm not exaggerating when I say it's as easy to play as a 6 string. Doug says "it takes a lot of effort to make it feel like there's no effort". Apart from the alien one-piece ultra thick top, proportions, sound and playability are unmatched. Tone is balanced, with an even frequency range.
    It's got Haeussel pickups, which I find very different from BKPs, but still amazing. If I describe BKPs as "juicy", then Haeussels would be "airy", if that makes sense. In my opinion, they're equally good, and I strongly suggest you to look into them since they deserve more recognition.

    The B2 is no surprise since Doug took it last year too. Doug says it's very fat sounding, and probably it's his favourite tone among all BMs he has built. It's got a Cold Sweat in the bridge and Painkiller in the neck.

    Speaking about Doug, here's a picture of him alongside Ola Strandberg of Strandberg Guitarworks.

    Strandberg guitars were plain amazing. Ola brought a 6 and a 7 string model with him, and they're unbelievable. Although completely different instruments than Blackmachines, their playability and feel is quite the experience. They weigh nothing, feel like toys, but then they sound like heaven. I don't find them particularly suited for aggressive riffing, but for anything else they're unbeatable. Perfect live guitars imho, playing with them is just effortless.

    Here you can see a couple shitty pics I took of the 7 string model (Tom Quayle in the background), you can see the 6 string in action in this video too.

    [VIDEO]].strandberg* guitars Musikmesse 2012 Potpurri - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Speaking of headless guitars, I was completely blown away by this little monster at the Carvin Guitars booth.

    This was a total surprise, it's basically almost as weight-free and effortless as Strandbergs, but costs way less. You can feel there was a lot of work involved with this guitar, it has a very "vocal" lead sound due to the chambering, and the design and mojo itself are superb.
    I was having so much fun playing it, I'm sure I'll order one someday.

    I also played their seven and eight-string models that reminded me how good is my DC800. The one I've tried had a very tight-grained and snappy ebony fretboard, and the DC700 was just as comfortable. You just cannot beat them, expecially for the price. They were all consistently of very high quality, with super comfy necks too!

    Another eight string guitar I've tried was the Meshuggah signature model M8M at the Ibanez booth.

    I honestly have to say I wasn't impressed at all with this guitar. While it's surely a good instrument by itself, in person it didn't look nor play like a 6000$ guitar should. Although the 29.4" scale was more comfortable than I expected and bendings/vibratos were almost as easy as on a regular scale, I didn't really connect with it and don't think it's worth its price.

    Other eye candies at the Ibby booth were surely the 25th Anniversary models and the Premium Jem, which you can see here:

    The last 8 string I've tried was Misha Mansoor's model at the Mayones booth. It was quite easy to play with, but again, I really didn't connect with it both feel and sound-wise, I think it lacked some character. You can see some action with it and other guitars at the Mayones booth in this vid:

    [VIDEO]]Musikmesse 2012 - Mayones Guitars booth w/ Francesco Filigoi, Ola Englund & Felix Niehoff - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    The Mansoor model is part of the Djentleman Series guitars, which are imho very nice, but the best guitars I've tried at Mayones were the Master Builder series, specifically the red, white and black ones you see in the vid. Generally speaking, I find they're very easy to play with and expecially the red one with Nailbombs sounded awesome, but with none of them there was "love at first chord" like with the headless Carvin, Blackmachines or Strandbergs. Just my experience though.

    The other two unexpected awesome surprises were:

    1) EVH 5150 50W version, which is an incredible, uuultra tight, punchy rock/metal amp with excellent compression. It's also super forgiving so I loved it because of that hahahah I'm gasing so hard for it right now...

    2) new Music Man "Premier Dealer 2012" special edition guitars, which are based on their current models but add Pau Ferro fingerboard, mahogany body, roasted maple neck with gunstock oil finish, and stainless steel frets. They look like this JP, for example:

    It's no surprise that I'm a huge EBMM fanboy, but this guitar played by itself and was on par with the new JP12 imho. I loved it so much that I've already ordered a 7 string version without piezo, can't wait to receive it!

    In the end, it was a wonderful experience, again, and the three of us were tired but satisfied

    Hope you like this report guys, if you have any questions reguarding some of the instruments/brands I've enlisted, just shoot 'em!

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    Interesting. Like the idea of a mahogany JP7 with the old body style and awesome forearm contour.
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    Awesome thread.

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    Why do people play like that? I've never seen anyone do it other then a few guys on here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    Interesting. Like the idea of a mahogany JP7 with the old body style and awesome forearm contour.
    Yeah it's awesome. I think it has better wood combo than current BFRs at a considerably lower price, and quality is just the same if not better. That's why I ordered it. Planning on put a Nailbomb set on it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Planet Smasher View Post
    Why do people play like that? I've never seen anyone do it other then a few guys on here.
    what are you referring to? it seems just normal to me.

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    I wish I could go to a convention like that C:

    I don't know if Planet Smasher is referring to picking style, or how his right leg is laying on top of the left. I have noticed people do weird things they don't think about when they are in the zone playing music, but not that crossing your legs is weird really. I've seen people curl their toes in an uncomfortable ways while jamming out. And when I play i make bubbles in my mouth, so when i stop and play and start to talk you'l see bubbles come out. x)
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    That Carvin looks like a mini guitar

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