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Thread: New song from Head.

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    New song from Head.

    Or as he's now known, Love and Death.

    [VIDEO]]Love and Death - Chemicals - YouTube[/VIDEO]


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    sounds vaguely like another band I know. Can't think of the name right now, but had something todo with popcorn

    Anyway, seems like this band has added nothing new in the way of creativity or musical progression and is just a shallow copy of a band which is already a shallow copy of itself.

    why don't these guys get together again and just get it over with

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    That is one of the most laughably bad videos I've seen in approximately forever
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    Pretty crafty of him to get all old school Korn, while Korn is going all new school, so he can capitalize on those retro fuzzy feelings most of us have.

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    Not a bad tune. He sounds like the stuff he wrote in Korn, but you can't fault him for ripping off himself.

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    Man, I hope North Carolina steps up and outlaws nu metal next.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noodles View Post
    Man, I hope North Carolina steps up and outlaws nu metal next.


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    moving my nu metal band to nc,no wait....form korn tribute band,and then move to nc.

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