Periphery single "MAKE TOTAL DESTROY" from new album is up on iTunes and Youtube!

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Thread: Periphery single "MAKE TOTAL DESTROY" from new album is up on iTunes and Youtube!

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    Periphery single "MAKE TOTAL DESTROY" from new album is up on iTunes and Youtube!

    Hey guys, we just put up our single "MAKE TOTAL DESTROY" from our new album on iTunes and Youtube, so you can check it out here:
    iTunes - Music - Make Total Destroy - Single by Periphery
    Periphery - Make Total Destroy - YouTube


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    FUCK YES!!! I loved this song when you first made it bulb and now it just sounds brutal as fuck with spencer on it. His vocals are fucking ridiculous and with no tuning on this album holy shit!

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    Holy fuck spensers vocals are amazing!! I don't really listen to this style anymore but I will certainly be buying this. Can't wait

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    I am really glad to hear this... wasn't really a fan of the Icarus EP stuff, but MTD sounds more like the Periphery I know and love! Good stuff Misha

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    i can dig it
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    Holy shit, you guys weren't kidding about Spencer's vocals. Dude is singing his ass off!

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    I love the title of this one
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    Spencer really stepped up on this.

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