How to make money with my music?

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Thread: How to make money with my music?

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    How to make money with my music?

    So Iíve been writing songs for about a year or two now...up until recently Iíve only been playing for fun and also practicing my singing. However, last month I finally broke down and bought some music equipment (mic, laptop with software etc) and even recorded a couple of songs. I figure I could probably record 2-3 more and put out an EP of some sorts..My main question is, how do people go from recording songs in their bedroom ( like me.. to putting out their own albums and actually making money??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jager View Post
    to putting out their own albums and actually making money??

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    I've been led to believe that dark magic must be involved.

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    There's a reason virtually everyone here has a day job, man.
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    To sum up the responses, with great difficulty. It's possible, but it's on the same level as "I'll wake up as a millionaire tomorrow" kind of possibility.

    The best thing to do though would be to put your stuff up on BandCamp, promote where you can but don't make it spammy (so through friends, forums you actually contribute to etc) and build up based upon word of mouth. It's been nearly a decade since the guys from Tesseract and Periphery started doing that kind of thing, and it's taken until now for them to be in a position where the music is starting to pay for itself.

    Here's another fun fact. Chuck Billy from Testament still works a construction job. If there was money in metal, don't you think one of the pioneers of Bay Area Thrash who can easily sell out mid level venues and get high slots on festivals would be able to go without the job?

    In other words, don't expect to make any money at all, just put the work in, and you may get lucky.

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    Sell out?

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    My comment might go against the grain here, but this is an interesting topic.

    My cousin is a singer in Nashville, and she is always talking about how if you want to make a good living in music, you need to keep track of your audience/fans so you can contact them at any time. My family has always been musical so I have sat in on many conversations about this kind of stuff.
    Anyway, my cousin is no millionaire, but she makes good enough money to live, have a car etc. so I'd say it's possible if you know what you are doing.

    I write my own songs too (although its power metal stuff) but I'm still in school so I donít do it for real yet until after I graduate. I recently typed Ďmake money in musicí into google and found this article that talks about this kind of thing as well Make Money In Music
    Hope that helps!

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    If making money is your main motivation then your safest bet is with things like cover bands (classic rock, country, jazz, weddings etc) and session work. And even then you've got to put in a lot of work and be at the top of your game to consistently get good paying gigs.

    If you want to "make it" with your own music then a lot of that has to with networking and good luck as much as having quality music (if not more so honestly). Especially in metal there isn't really a quick and easy way to go from bedroom rocker to pulling in money overnight.

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