So, as any Queen fan knows, there are very few actually decent Queen covers out there. There are some really decent Queen tribute bands out there, but it's still brutally difficult to correctly cover any Queen song.

The Protomen are a 10 person band (now down to 9 people I think, but at the time all 10 were there) who normally write, record, and perform rock operas loosely based on the Megaman games. They are completely independent and tour almost non-stop. They are also known for doing some pretty great 70s and 80s rock covers in their set.

A couple years ago they decided to do an entire show of Queen covers. They recorded some backing tracks of extra vocal layers, had a couple of Red Special copies made, and apparently practiced their asses off because this is some incredible stuff.

iTunes - Music - Present: A Night of Queen by The Protomen

[VIDEO]]The Protomen - The Show Must Go On (Queen cover) - YouTube[/VIDEO]
[VIDEO]]The Protomen - A Night Of Queen - Flash + Battle Theme - YouTube[/VIDEO]