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    New Lamb of God Movie

    I love the movies that these guys put out

    [VIDEO]]As The Palaces Burn (Movie Trailer featuring Desolation) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Lamb of God Release Trailer for ĎAs the Palaces Burní Feature Film - Revolver Magazine

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    Would watch.

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    Hell yes, can't wait

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    I own both Killadelphia and Walk with Me In Hell and the movies these guys put out are always worth the cost

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    LOVE their DVD's. I've probably watched Killadelphia easily 1,000 times.
    Walk With Me In Hell is even better, I just haven't had as much time. Hahaha...

    Really cool how they really let the cameras catch everything and don't hold anything back. I was blown away the first time I ever saw the infamous bus fight. So many bands keep things like that internal and they went for close-ups instead!

    Very real and down to earth guys. Once Randy got sober, he's been quite....mentally active, I guess you could say. Pretty humorous how he trashes idiot fans at times. Mark is probably the most chill guy...and you can tell when he's had a few and gets on his phone...

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    fuck yeah

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