Tosin Abasi and Bulb's Xmachanukwanzaa Present: Animals As Leaders!

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Thread: Tosin Abasi and Bulb's Xmachanukwanzaa Present: Animals As Leaders!

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    Tosin Abasi and Bulb's Xmachanukwanzaa Present: Animals As Leaders!

    Hey guys!

    We have a good holiday treat for all of y'all!
    Im not really sure why we waited so long to make the myspace for this, but this project was written and recorded in April of this year for Prosthetic Records, and the full length album should be out soon.

    It started with Tosin asking if i would produce and record his solo project. Since hes a good friend of mine and really is one of the greatest guitarists to ever walk the earth in my humble opinion, i accepted! Interestingly enough, our writing and jamming chemistry was such that it ended up being a collaboration.

    Anyways we are really proud of the album, so we thought we would put a handful of songs up on myspace to preview the album that should be coming out soon on prosthetic records. Oh and we will rotate the songs every now and then so you can get a full sense of the album because its really all over the place!

    Since Tosin lives down the street from me, we are often just recording new ideas and stuff, and so we also put up one of those songs, its called "Wave of Babies" and that song was recorded in September. (it will be up shortly, just having some issues atm) The other songs do not have names yet, so we just numbered them chronologically for the time being.

    Tosin is going to be taking this band on the road as soon as we find a suitable bassist! Unfortunately because Periphery is my priority i will only be part of the writing process, and i will not be able to play in the live band, but its kind of exciting to see these songs come to life from a viewer's perspective. But if you are interested in being in a full time touring band, think you can handle the tunes, and are in or around the DC/MD/VA area, please let us know!

    Anyways enough talk, you can hear the music on myspace here: - Animals As Leaders (SONGS UPLOADED!!) - Washington, Washington DC - Experimental / Progressive / Metal -


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    Only heard the first song and I'm pretty fucking amazed so far. I love the atmospheric shredding that starts at like 2:30 and keeps getting faster and more awesome as the song progresses. Awesome
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    Listened to the rest. Definitely digging this. I love the electronic influence a couple of the songs have in parts, and the guitar is awesome .

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    Wow! This is amazing stuff. Totally insane.

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    Neat stuff! I see someone is a TGS fan.

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    holy shit! this is really something!

    was Wave of Babies recorded with his TIL 8 string? it sounds sick!

    the whole thing stinks of awesomeness and athmosphere!

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    Do Want CD

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