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Thread: Dioramic - Something many of you will hate

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    Dioramic - Something many of you will hate

    Since 99% of this site seems to hate punk, emo, hardcore, and anything influenced by it, most of you will probably hate this:

    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYoQFN497gM]Dioramic - Lukewarm Remains - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    My drummer introduced me to this band about a year ago. Very minor and underground, but quite original. It's a German band which is a mixture of emo, death metal, progressive, punk, and a few other genres. I think their album is pretty cool (especially this song), but I don't expect many of you will like. Overall I would consider them "progressive," but their emo and death metal influences are strong.

    The YouTube audio quality is quite horrible, but there aren't many Dioramic songs on YouTube and this is my favorite by them.

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    Really like it I've listened to plenty of punk, emo, hardcore and enjoyed them all.

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    I don't like emo, punk, or hardcore but I enjoyed this a bit. The singer has a good voice, though I didn't really care for the harsh vocals.

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