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    MG UK Mini Meet Report

    Or the tale of an extremely elaborate gear trade.

    Going back 6 weeks-ish I spied my old 3x12 on Ebay, not too far from Stuh84. So, plan was hatched for Stu to pick it up for me, with me coming up to get it this weekend. Which then spiralled into a mini gathering also involving Blank Plank (Ant) and Peteus (erm, Pete), plus Stu having my Zilla off me and Ant having Stuís re-speakered Marshall 1922. Whew! (I said it was complicated!)

    Anyway, thanks to my Vypyr deciding that making noise was something it didnít fancy doing, Iíve been left ampless while Peavey sort it. Cue more Ebay hunting and purchasing an Ashdown Fallen Angel 60 for just £157 So, Thursday night I headed into London to pick up the Ashdown, and Friday afternoon I headed up to Stuís. Friday night was mostly spent watching movies, but we did make a bit of noise with the Ashdown/Zilla combo.

    Saturday morning bought some jamming with these:

    Just to really confuse things, the amps are actually plugged into the cabs theyíre not sitting on. I have to admit, it made for a nice fat sound and they worked together really well. The Ashdown is a nice amp for hot-rod Marshall tones, but definitely not a gain monster (as we found later). Some of the built in fx are useable, but their easily disabled anyway.

    Next, a quick McDonaldís trip for breakfast, where we spy this:

    Back to Stuís to wait for Ant. Get fed up waiting and fuck off to Stuís jam space to start setting up gear. When Ant finally turns up we shoot off to Rich Tone music where we met Pete, then had a general nose around. Had a good go on a 5150-3 and Iím very much in love. Channel 3 especially was melting faces, and I was quite shocked the gain was only on 3. I do not want to be near that with the gain dimed. It might be the Manure signature model, but Antís RGD7 was very nice to play and the Blackouts sounded awesome through the 5150. We all had a go on that, so the others can share their thoughts, then Ant had a go on a 200w Blackstar while I tried an ESP Horizon 6 string through the 5150. Beautifully made & playing guitar, but the Duncanís left me unimpressed.

    Back from there for much abuse of amps & guitars at the practice space. My Ashdown definitely had the least gain, but then I wasnít too upset given the competition. Peavey Ultra Plus, Blackstar Series One 100w, Engl Savage 120, Engl Invader 150 and a Laney Ironheart. Cabs to hand were my 3x12, Zilla Fatboy, Zilla Super Fatboy, Engl 4x12, Marshall Mode 4 4x12 and Marshall 1922 with a V30 and a G12-T75. Both Zillaís were loaded with a Swap Thang/Legend combo, so we did an A/B using the Ironheart. Unsurprisingly the Super Fatboy has more bass, while the Fatboy has slightly more clarity. Then we did the obvious and ran both together, which was absolutely awesome. Check the MG Facebook for evidence.

    None of the combinations we tried sounded bad, which just reinforces that once you have semi decent gear you can dial in a good tone. The Ashdown surprised us as being quite a good amp for 8 strings, and the Ironheart impressed us all. Ant was lusting after Peteís Interceptor 8 and Stuís Xiphos (he wantís it back), and there was a point where I thought I was going to have to surgically remove Pete from my Stef 7.

    Last thing before we went was to set up some gear shots. Excuse the crappy iPhone pics:

    The wall of tone:

    Antís Blackstar & Marshall:

    Stuís Ultra Plus & Zilla:

    Peteís Engl & Zilla:

    My Ashdown & Trace Elliot (note to self, move the feet on the Ashdown so it fits on the cab better):

    Peteís Ironheart & Mode 4:

    Stuís Engl stack:

    Guitars (Peteís Interceptor 8, my SC607, Stuís Intrepid 8, Antís RGD7, Stuís Xiphos 7):

    Back to Stuís for a curry, more guitars & films. Plus hatching plans for another meet hopefully soon.
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    Fucking that cab man, glad to see you've got it back.

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    Looks like fun was had! Bastards

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    Also, this last week has me looking at cars that pull more than 30mpg


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    It was definitely a good time. The two Zilla's with the Ironheart on top was fucking devastating. Also, if you want your balls rattled, put ANYTHING through the Zillas, sit on one and palm mute. I think we all needed a little clean up after that.

    In terms of gear over the weekend, there's no point me going on about most of it as I play a lot of it all the time (me and Pete are in a band for those who don't know, so most of this gear is for us to fuck about with).


    Guitar wise, I've played the SC607 a couple of times and was impressed, but through these it was even better. Great guitar, and as James has said before, definite proof that EMGs do not homogenise a guitar. I'm still not the worlds biggest fan of them, but I've been in no rush to rip them out of my Stealth, and they sound pretty sweet in the SC607 too.

    I played the RGD a bit more and I quite like it, Blackouts are definitely more to my tastes and will go into the Stealth at some point.


    Amp wise, the new ones to me were the Fallen Angel and the Series One. I did used to own a Fallen Angel 60 combo, but it had so many issues that I couldn't say it was a good representation of what it could do. The Series One I never got much chance to play last time, so I definitely had a good crack on it this time. The Fallen Angel is really fun, and for the price is a steal. Definite hot-rodded Marshall feel, but without some of the Marshall annoyances. A little lacking in gain, but also does have a fair bit more when cranked (like a good Marshall in that sense too).

    The Series One is a beast, very nice sounding and has some right balls on it. Put an 8 string through it and you are liable to break peoples bones with sound alone. I'm a fan.

    Also from going to Rich Tone, the 5150 III was a delight, but I knew that from trying one a couple of years ago. It definitely was one of them amps that the more I played, the more I wanted to keep playing it. Love it.

    Finally, the Series One 200 is a monster. Versatile and sounds sexy as hell. Meaty, thick, and punchy.


    The Zillas and the 3x12 are the main attractions here. The 3x12 is a lot of fun, as wherever you stand, it sounds exactly the same, great party trick. It sounds great, simply cannot fault the sound.

    The two Zillas though, my GOD are they astounding. I'm sure my internal organs are still rearranging two days later. The Super Fatboy as James said did feel a bit weightier in sound, a bit more low end. The Fatboy had a tiny bit more clarity (on a scale of 1 to 100, I'd say 95 for clarity on the Fatboy, 90 on the Super, to give an idea how close they were). Together, they were just insanely wonderful. Our band is now dual Zilla and ready to break peoples spleens live

    It was good to have the guys over, and everyone is a fucking awesome player, and of course it was hilarious to do the TV theme medley (keep going until no-one has any left to try on the lowest string possible).

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    Got to play some amazing stuff. Also EMGs don't sound the same in every guitar!

    Moar guitars:

    All the amps and guitars:


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    Also, this is what happens when you mix Pete and anything he could get himself inside.


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    ME: LTD SC600 / UV7BK
    Rig: JMP-1>VHT 2/90/2>Zilla's

    iTrader: 7 (100%)

    This weekend was the first time I'd had to play with Blackouts, and I have to agree with Stu that they sound awesome in Ant's guitar. I'm tempted to put some in the Stef, but it just sounds so damn good already I don't want to risk fucking that up Next guitar will probably end up with Blackouts though.

    The Zilla's are amazing and I'm going to miss mine, but I can't justify having the Zilla and 3x12 at the moment. I do forsee another Fatboy in the future though.

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