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Thread: The Faceless - Autotheism

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    The Faceless - Autotheism

    Anyone picked this up yet?

    I just went through my first listen and I gotta say it I found it quite underwhelming for a first listen. Lots of clean singing by Keene and lots of low to mid tempo parts. I'm gonna give it a few more spins, maybe it will grow on me.

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    I am very underwhelmed by it and won't be buying it or listening to it ever again. It's not the change of style, it's that it just isn't good.

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    I loved Planetary Duality, but yeah...not digging this.

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    I personally dig the new direction, I like to see them trying new things.

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    So far I like PD better. But still a pretty solid album, I think it has potential to grow on me.

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    It's not bad. There just wasn't anything that really stuck with me. No "I gotta hear that again" moments.

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    Akeldama and Planetary Duality are both masterpieces, so even if this doesn't live up to either of them, I still expect to like it. I'll probably get this album sometime soon.

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    I found myself listening to it and thinking 'We already have Devin Townsend'

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