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My friends asked me to help them out in reaching music blogs and magazines around the world. So if you please know some cool magazines/blogs in the US, Europe, Asia and Africa that I can get in touch with please hook me up with a link of email address.
My friends band is named Stormental and they have toured Europe twice before so perhaps some of you have heard about them...
Stormental is a Brazilian prog-metal band and we just got our second DVD out, entitled Perception of the Other.
The Perception of the Other is a partnership between Stormental and Siedler Dance Company resulting in a spectacle of heavy metal and contemporary dance.
We would like to send official copies of the DVD to blogs/magazines so it could be reviewed and published in a future issues of the magazines or blogs.
This is the digipack we are putting out:

You can find more information in the band's website: STORMENTAL
Also the official teaser of the DVD [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DC26ZRWcpMU]Perception of the Other DVD/CD - Teaser - YouTube[/VIDEO]