Why do you play what you play?

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Thread: Why do you play what you play?

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    Why do you play what you play?

    Not sure if this is better fitted for the off topic forum, but it has to do with music so I'm putting it here.

    So why do you play what you play as far as styles of music? Sure, we all (I hope) play a variety of things. I noodle most everything save country and jazz (not that I don't want to, just not familiar enough with the genres to be authentic). Most people on here are probably along the same lines.

    Most of what I "play" meaning perform or take part in projects relates to black, doom, or avant garde. None of these take a huge amount of technical prowess save for some avant garde things. Though technically solid, my playing is nowhere near that of a virtuoso, but it doesn't bother me all that much (though I'd still murder for Paul Gilbert's alternate picking...).

    I don't like to play just to show technical ability which is part of the reason that though I respect the ability of prog bands, I can't get into it. I play the things I play because they contain emotions I identify with. If there is to be desperation in something as small as vibrato (Devil Doll is godly in the details), I want to feel it. I want to hear rage behind a trem picked minor 3rd. Anyway yeah.. I play these things to create sorrow, beauty, and anger.

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    (I love being at work on a totally dead day.)

    I think I play what I do because I just like to play really fast and play tunes that just make me ...feel (?) the music. I've always envied how much fun Satch, Gilbert, Vai, etc... have when they're up on stage. It looks like they're having the times of their lives. I just want part of that.

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    I play what i play (by myself, not in a band as i dont have one) for 3 reasons:

    1. i can get lost in it
    2. it sounds good to me
    3. i rarely practise, and thus dont improve very often.

    when im in a band, its never metal - but the rock songs i've played have all been very fun! and people would rather hear me play rock or acoustic then the "melodeath" stuff i attempt. repetative riffs on an acoustic sound soothing, repetative minor riffs in C sound annoying to most .

    I want to be at the level where i can express emotions through music much better, and transport the listener somewhere else - but i have not pushed myself to that level of playing yet.
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    Because it's what I feel to play. It's like a circle. What i give to instrument comes out something to feed my inspiration and makes me happy ,so that inspiration and joy goes into the instrument again.
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    I play metal because it's the only thing I CAN play, . I would love to be able to play jazz, but I'm not sure I have the time or discipline to do it, which is unfortunate I guess. I'm happy with metal for the moment though.

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    i cant yet play the music i listen to - its only on rare occasions that i'll even sit down and try. its not that i cant play it, its that i havent taken the time to sit down and actively learn what i need to know to be able to play metal/rock/pentatonic leads/blues yet.

    which is why i want to take lessons - i dont force myself to learn stuff like i should.

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    because grindcore is my business.... and business is good.

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    I play what I play because I've been in a rut for about three years now and I can't seem to get over this damn hump. I just keep recycling the same old stuff while hoping one day I'll be able to move on to something more interesting.
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