Trying a new tuning, need some bands that play in it.

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Thread: Trying a new tuning, need some bands that play in it.

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    Trying a new tuning, need some bands that play in it.

    Thinking about changing things up a lil bit round here. Looking for some good music that uses EADGBE. It can be anything really, don't care if its rock, metal, blues.

    So, whatcha got?
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    Funny thread.

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    That's supposed to be an octave below standard, right? Like....drop standard?

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    Dude, no one plays in that tuning. What is wrong with you?
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    I believe that's how you tune a stringed flute.

    On a guitar though? It just cannot sound right. What are you trying to make, jazz folk?! GET OUTTA HERE

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    Wirelessly posted ()

    I prefer to play in eEaAdDgGbbee.

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