Who's ready for Parkways drives 'atlas'?

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Thread: Who's ready for Parkways drives 'atlas'?

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    Who's ready for Parkways drives 'atlas'?

    I just read an interview of the album of someone who got to hear it before it's released, according to him/her it is going to be incredible in terms of melodic and the usual heavy vibe parkway throws in their songs!

    I'm quite well ready have it pre-ordered already did dark days cover on YouTube (cometorejectcity) and got maybe the third most views of a cover for dark days, not sure but the response was amazing so I can't wait to do all the songs and teach people how to play it as I did. I am ALSO waiting for the new parkway drive varsity jacket I ordered, cant wait! My avatar is also pwd animated lol can you tell I love Parkway Drive?!

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    I'll be honest, having been in bands with people who LOVED PWD, and having covered Carrion in one of said bands, and having heard the new track they released, I really don't get the love


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    One thing I respect about Parkway Drive is the fact that the worked their asses off to get where they are. The fled Australia to record a successful album and toured relentlessly before even coming back to their home coutry. It took quite some time for AU to figure out they were an Australian band.

    That said, their music isn't for me.

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    I'm excited for it. I dig parkway massively being an aussie. I've been listening to them since they kicked around with I killed the prom queen.

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    I like their huge tone on the albums. I can get down to a couple tracks, but i really don't like the vocals much. needs more singing.
    just passing through....

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