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Thread: Any Skyfire fans here?

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    Any Skyfire fans here?

    I searched the forums but all the results I saw were wirelessly posted with the text "skyfire" appearing in the header

    I've been a fan for years. I call them happy melodic black metal because they seem to use major keys or have major passages more often than most metal bands.

    This song kind of changes to another song for a bit at 3:42, and then at 5:44 they're like just kidding, back to the original song.

    Feel the happiness:

    And the first song I ever heard by them. I randomly downloaded it in 2001 cuz I thought the band had a cool name, and I was like whoa, black metal vocals over melodic instrumentation? What is this?

    And a song from their second album. Feel that sus4 resolving to a major chord at the end of the chorus:
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    I was listening to them quite a bit some years ago. I've moved away from that type of vocals, but they are one of the more harmonically intriguing bands in extreme metal.

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    How come my YouTube links didn't turn into embedded videos?

    edit - whoops, gotta remove the "s" in "https".

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    I used to really like these guys. I got a bit bored with them and sold most of their CDs but I'm pretty sure I've still got that first album around here somewhere. They had a really unique sound I think.

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    I love Skyfire. Here are some of my favourite tracks.

    [VIDEO]]S K Y F I R E - Awake - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]Skyfire - Nightmares Nevermore - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]Skyfire - Dawn Will Break - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    ^ Glad to see some people here like them. I almost posted "Awake" in my original post. I love the keyboard in the background during the chorus.

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    Had a big skyfire phase a couple years ago. Always loved this track.

    [VIDEO]]Skyfire - 05. Uncloud the Sky (Mind Revolution) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Oh my, this is good stuff!
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