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Thread: MG-Fest 2012 Pics / Videos

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    MG-Fest 2012 Pics / Videos

    Pics galore, thanks again everyone - awesome times, great jams, great people. I'll add the videos to this post after I have a chance to go through and upload them all. In the order that I took 'em, here goes:

    Darren shows up:

    The music room, ready for the chaos:

    Breakfast w/Jason and Leon:

    The first batch of guitars... Of many:

    My basement starting to fill up with cases:

    Ola, you were here in spirit dude!

    Leon, Brian on drums, Jason:



    The Friday night crew was still waking up at this point. I have pics of Drummer-Josh passed out in the bathroom.. and on the couch... and in the music room.. But I won't internet them. The poor bastard rallied late night for jamming though.


    Josh and the Budda, the new annual favorite living room amp. That thing kills:

    Drew has arrived:

    Chip nuts!

    More jamming:

    Drew and Josh's crazy 80's bass:

    Wings of D00M.

    People enjoying the ghost chili wings of d00m.

    Music room starting to fill up:


    Keithb has arrived, along with his glorious beard:

    Basement surgery on Briansol's guitars. Drew administers The Drew:

    Josh, recovering from his hangover, starts to become human again.

    Slappa da bass:

    Rack of awesome customs = Rob is here!

    Guitar stands in the kitchen = More people are filtering in.

    Rob and Darren discuss the carbon fiber Decibel, while Darren eats what has to be his 3482349th chip nut of the day. Holy fuck those things are awesome. (The chip nuts, and the Decibels)"

    Drew holds court in the living room. Drew + blues amp + bluesy guitar = goodness:

    Meanwhile, basement surgery on Josh's bass:

    +More cases:

    Donny and Lisa show up:

    Great weather for the porch too:

    Tom and Marc:

    Jason and Shannon share a tender moment, after I find the damn webcam.

    Evening jamming in full swing. Cliff, Drew, Josh, Darren and I Think That's Leon's Leg on bass:

    It is, indeed, Leon's Leg:

    JJ skyping with everyone, Keith w/Josh's Parker, Keith's wife:

    larry, I believe?

    Clemenzi, Donny, Josh:



    Leon hops on drums. Donny appears skeptical.

    Donbot on Skype:

    +More jamming:

    Lonely drummer is lonely. (I think pizza just showed up at this point):

    Leon's crazy ass Triaxis rig of doom:

    Blurry drew with Eric's awesome 8-string acoustic:


    I have awesome video of this. This is Eric, serenading Donnie over skype while he holds up a lighter 80's ballad style. It was indeed a tender moment:

    Duncan via Skype:


    JJ and the fuckin' Roter:

    Eric and the fuckin' Roter:

    Josh and the fuckin' Roter:

    Duncan and the fuckin' Roter:

    Rob and the fuckin' Roter:

    Keith and the fuckin' Roter:

    Back to jamming...

    This morning - awesome weather for everyone's ride home.

    Like Lee, Drew and I drive by the Windows XP Wallpaper on the way to get muffins for Josh to crumble all over my carpets.

    And here they are:

    Everyone's just about packed up..

    And done!

    Videos as I get to them. Keep in mind that these are not "performances", just a bunch of friends free jamming together and having a good time.

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    We need to start making "I survived MG-Fest 20__" shirts since this has become an annual thing

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    Next time I want in on Skype...

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    good shit y0!
    just passing through....

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    Looks like a total blast! I was bummed that Skype wasn't running before I had to head out to my show. I missed out on some bromance, to be sure.

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    I say this every year, I need to make it to the next one


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    Yay, at least Donnie & I were there via Skype! Northwest represent!

    Let's plan the next one earlier enough & we'll fly out!

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    These things always look so goddamn fun.

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