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Thread: saw Aussie Floyd last night

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    saw Aussie Floyd last night

    Went to see the Australian Pink Floyd show last night. I was seriously blown away.
    I figured all the times i've seen them on PBS, it's been mastered, etc.

    Not one note was missed. Except for when the guitar player broke a string mid bend, and within 5 beats had unplugged, dis strapped, re-mounted, re plugged and was right back into it without the help of a roadie.

    If you haven't seen these guys i highly recommend it. epic chops.

    The solo girls too on that famous track from dark side... i had goose bumps.
    and when they started playing a tribute tape on the screen to the real floyd members during wish you were here, a bit of a tear almost came to my eye.

    IF they come near you, go. you won't be disappointed.
    just passing through....

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    You know, I saw them about three weeks ago when they came to Houston. My friend had an extra ticket so I went, I'm not big on cover bands and feel some things just should not be messed with - Floyd being one of them - but I was really surprised. The light/laser show was awesome and the band blew me away - I totally agree with the OP, when they played The Great Gig In The Sky, the first girl nailed it and if I had closed my eyes, I would have swore it was Clare Torry off the original. Really cool show.

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