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Thread: Rings of Saturn "Dingir" album stream

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    Rings of Saturn "Dingir" album stream

    I normally don't care about deathcore, but these guys are little different.

    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPe9OD9a0Qs]RINGS OF SATURN - DINGIR *OFFICIAL FULL LENGTH ALBUM STREAM 2012* - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Here is the official album version of Dingir streamed in high quality. There are many reasons as to why we decided to stream our new album in its entirety before its scheduled release date. One big reason is because we are dealing with legal issues right now which unfortunately WILL push back the release date of Dingir from Nov. 20th to Feb. 5th.

    The second reason is that a very poor quality, unfinished, and unmastered, pre-production version of our album went viral across m
    any metal blog spots, torrent sites, and youtube this morning. It is unclear whether the original poster thought that the pre-production version of the album was the actual album, or if the original poster leaked it maliciously. In any case, If you guys are going to listen to a leaked version of our album, we would much rather you listen and jam out to the ACTUAL high quality finished album, rather than a low quality unfinished product. If you DID happen to upload the pre pro version to your Youtube channel (chances are that you did since our video is the first video of the actual finished album) we ask that you please take it down now that the actual album is up streaming because we don't want to confuse people.

    The third reason is that we know you are all tired of waiting for this, we are also EQUALLY tired of waiting, and we know that our true fans will continue to support the band, pre order our album, buy our merch, and come out to our shows. If you ARE in fact a true fan of Rings of Saturn, or you like what you are hearing, or you want to see us come to your town our city, then you will share this video EVERYWHERE, you will show all of your friends, and you will pre order and actually still buy our album when it does come out on Feb. 5th because a band's first week album sales dictate what tours the band gets on, what slots they get, and where they are able to go. If you want to see us play in Europe, or Australia, or come back to Canada, or back to your state, then you will pre order Dingir or pick up your copy within the first week of its release. We are only able to keep doing this because of your guys support. We will keep everyone posted on pre-orders and new merch from this page. Again the new release date for Dingir is Feb. 5th and remember, SHARE THIS VIDEO and Enjoy!

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    this is fucking awesome. the leads at 3:40ish reminds me of Gradius or other alien space ship games haha

    "The most important thing I look for in a musician is whether he knows how to listen." -Duke Ellington

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    Beam me up Scotty

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    They killed it on summer survival tour last year. Can't listen now but will be back later.

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    They sound like their name, which is awesome. Can't wait to see them on tour next year.

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    They are now offering the album for free download.

    Thank you guys for continuing to spread the word and show support! You can listen to the new album here RINGS OF SATURN - DINGIR *OFFICIAL FULL LENGTH ALBUM STREAM 2012* - YouTube and DOWNLOAD the official version here! RINGS OF SATURN "DINGIR" OFFICIAL ALBUM STREAM AND DOWNLOAD [EXCLUSIVE] Please share this post!

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