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Thread: I have so had it with drummers...

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    I have so had it with drummers...

    Or i guess the inevitable just happened...

    So far being in a band has been nothing more then a moneysink to me, the plus side is that i finally got my guitar rig sorted (wich i only see as a small comfort atm but meh). The downside is that i pretty much payed for the logo & tshirt design (both whom are now trash can fodder.)

    What made me come to the descision to kick my drummer out was partly his lack of getting anything done, and selling me a guitarcab that was pretty much ready for the scrapheap to begin with (more on that in a bit)

    Fuckface doesn't get anything done & doesn't practise. had someone check things out at a rehearsal once & he seemed pretty proud of it (with le me going , and replying "it kinda shows "), Things are only getting worse i do not wish to make a total ass out of myself on stage at any cost.

    Otherwise he sold me an old cab that supposedly got rewired with new speakers by a local amp guru (who delivers amazing work on amps). Since the cab crapped out & i got a look inside going "you have got to be shitting me...". Speakers were attached with random screws & bolts that were available & the wiring to the input jack got shortened by tieing knots in the cables.

    In any case...
    The store today was nice enough to explain me how to do all my shit with an ipod so i'll be having fun writing a new setlist for the februari 9th show. (hooray back to square one )

    So now introducing my new drummer untill i find someone better:


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    Wow, really?

    Almost all drummers I know are the opposite of that. They're often the ones that drive their bands forward.

    Except for one dude I know, he's a band whore. He plays in like 8 bands, and whenever there's a band photoshoot, he wears his other band's shirt.

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    Do you know what time it is? It's time to FARK SHEET ARRRRRP!!

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    I've played with good drummers, bad drummers, and amazing drummers, so I know how it can be. The lazy bandmate can be one of the most frustrating things, holding the band back from doing what the other members want to do. My band never played a live show without a drummer, but we did do rehearsals and practice with a drum machine and with EZ Drummer before. But that was only until we could find a real drummer.

    Depending on the music, though, electronic drums/a drum machine can work.

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    I am in a similar situation right now, so I feel ya man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToxicTrace View Post
    i use XLN Audio

    been to the store this afternoon & i'll be plugging in le ipod into a 2channel mackie mixer & the go to the pa & into a mackie stage monitor.

    Nobodies ever seen shawn whitaker (viral load, insidious decrepancy)?
    His drumtracks aren't the greatest quality he uses but i've already seen him 3 times now here in town (belgium - europe) and he's from texas usa. He tours with a guitar, line 6 pod & drum machine.

    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOCF8w_2uA4]Insidious Decrepancy @ New Jersey Death Fest 3 Part 1 (10.21.11) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Drummer of next band setting up his drums while he's doing his one man thing. how much funnier can it get?

    Oh, and apperantly there was a photoshoot tomorrow aswell that the roadie was going to do (she's a great photographer but chances are i'll loose her as a roadie ). Guess she was the first one to hear the story & my phone's been ringing ever since, fuck cares i ain't picking that bitch up

    Since all my stuff is still at his place i'm now compiling all my reciepts/invoices of my gear (bout 3000$ in total or more of my shit at his place) & i got the police office number too of that town just in case
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    Sucks, dude!
    About the cab.
    Go to the shavano music site--tons of DIY cab wiring info.
    If the speakers are good, you'll be able to salvage it.
    "Retired Air Force....and loving it!"

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    Funny thing, Godflesh (an industrial band) as well as Big Black (3 piece punk band) both used drum machines live and that was in the 80's/90's.

    Technology being what it is today, I see no reason whatsoever why you can't perform live with DFH or whatever other software based drum program.

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