Listen to these fuckers! (And help them out?)

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Thread: Listen to these fuckers! (And help them out?)

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    Listen to these fuckers! (And help them out?)

    Hey guys!

    Well, here in Denmark, we're more into rock than metal, but that doesn't mean that awesome bands don't pop up from time to time! I'm talking about the band Panacea! Just take a listen to this:

    [VIDEO]]Panacea - Outnumbered - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Well, I actually have a small request for you, too. If you like this (or just want to support the underground metal), it would be GREAT if you would "like" the picture I'm linking to on facebook. There's a competition here in Denmark, and whoever has the most "liked" picture gets to play at a big festival. These guys are only behind with about 10 likes, but the leading band is some emo-stuff.

    So please, for all that is metal, save me from listening to a whiny teenager with an angsty haircut and like this picture:

    Might Fight Night - Hvem er den sidste Mighty Fighter? | Facebook

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    music is good, not too big on the vocals however.
    I play Suhrs, not poor people guitars. -Chris

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    Diggin' it. Solid track.

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    That was pretty good, actually! Sadly, I don't have a facebook.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fillifax View Post
    Hey guys!

    Well, here in Denmark, we're more into rock than metal....
    Really? King would like to have a word with you.

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