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Thread: #MayonesDuncan...first time video, long time viewer (andNPD!)

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    #MayonesDuncan...first time video, long time viewer (andNPD!)

    Hey guys....I can't believe I finally spent the time needed to make a video of me recording a take on the Mayones Duncan competition. Unfortunately there's a little digital distortion, the worst kind....but it's only in a couple spots, I think.

    Needless to say, I'm pumped to have a working wah, thanks Chris for the awesome Bad Horsie2.....did you know he gives out goodies when you buy from him? I got Sean's CD, Combustion Mechanism and a bunch of quigley picks and MG.org picks. Fucking psyched!! can't wait to here the CD after I'm done with this entry.

    I've never done a youtube upload or video or anything like this. I got a lot of inspiration from all the pro stuff i've seen here over the past year. So to all you fuckers who make this shit sound and look fucking tits....I SALUTE YOU! it's fucking hard to do.

    here's the video....if you want to hear that Bad Horsie2 in action.


    I hope it embeded...otherwise you'll see an edit box, right below.

    this was the Beast, with the Duncan Distortion in it, into the BH2 wah, into 003 and using Eleven in PT. Please feel free to say whatever you want about it...i'm always up for advice and I'm greek, so my skin is pretty damn thick....my skull is too

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    Cool entry mate! Nice and spontanious.. Also the tone is awesome

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