I have not been on here in a long time but I believe it is time to change that.

After a full month of work, may I present...

Our Full cover of Gojira's Heaviest matter of the Universe.

Video coming soon...
Soon....it's gettin heavy.... - YouTube

Guitars L and R - Gary Singleton
Vocals and Bass - Aaron Burcham
Drums - Random youtube track haha

Each mixed their part, with me doing the final production. There was only so much I could do since the drums was an audio file instead of an instrument track.
It is so hard to even get close to gojiras production style. Like I said, I had a real drum kit I could eq indiviually it would have helped.

I hope you guys like it, and Thanks to everyone on here who has ever helped me in any form or fashion. I really appreciate this community and how helpful everyone is.