One of the sickest lineups ever..

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Thread: One of the sickest lineups ever..

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    One of the sickest lineups ever..

    [VIDEO]]Whitesnake-Still of the Night (live 1990,with Steve Vai) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    ITT: Metal from when singers tried to sound like an eviler Robert Plant and not a more effeminate Miley Cyrus.
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    I played a nice Peavey Vandenburg this week while I was in Portland. Those have very nice necks. The store was only asking $299 for it, but it did have some fret divots. It also had that funky looking Kahler Floyd rather than the Spyder that I've seen on others. If I was still in the market for a 24.75" shredder, I would have grabbed it.

    BTW, this tour was after Coverdale's voice had already started to go south. I wish I'd gotten to see him in his prime.

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    I disagree . No Sykes . Why did the 80s get all the good guitars?

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    Were Vandenburg and Sykes every actually in Whitesnake together?
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    Saw this tour the day I graduated from high school. Was epic.
    The whole show:
    [VIDEO]]Whitesnake - Live At Donington 1990 [Full Concert] - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Quote Originally Posted by distressed_romeo View Post
    Were Vandenberg and Sykes every actually in Whitesnake together?
    Not really. Sykes Left after the self titled album was recorded.
    Vandenburg was in Whitesnake for 2 albums and only got to record 1 solo or something. I think it was the Still of the Night solo. All the rest of the tracks on that album were Sykes. Vai did all of Slip of the Tongue since Vandenberg was injured.

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    It was the solo on "Here I Go Again" that Vandenberg recorded.

    I love how on the video above, even when Vandenberg is soloing, the camera is on Sarzo and Vai.

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    Do we even see his face once?

    Coverdale pants are pretty EPIC, too.

    Also : WANT white Vandenberg.
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