For those of you who don't know... Michael Pinella (Symphony X Keyboardist) has a solo album called "Enter By The Twelfth Gate."

This is one of the best piano-based albums I have heard and it's really good! The crazy thing is... It's sounds a lot like Symphony V in a way. As far as I know there is no guitar on the album. But the instrumentals so far remind me of Odyssey and V. It would be so awesome if Symphony X got to back this style! Pinella still has it!

YouTube no where near justifies the production of this album... it sounds great and it's very dark in places.

[VIDEO]]Michael Pinnella - The White Room - YouTube[/VIDEO]

[VIDEO]]Michael Pinnella - Piano Concerto #1 Mvt.1 - YouTube[/VIDEO]

[VIDEO]]Michael Pinella - Edge of Insanity - YouTube[/VIDEO]