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Thread: 6505 tube screamer

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    6505 tube screamer

    for those of you who have followed me im keeping my 6505+ and im very happy with it, but I have questions. I see lot of people using mxr 10 band eq's. So would getting one help the sound? I have a good sound, its just missing something but I just cant pinpoint it. Maybe i'm just used to the sound of jcm's. Also I see lot of people using boosts like tube screamers and such...does this help by adding more gain? would it help? im just trying to reach the perfect sound

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesdolecek View Post
    im just trying to reach the perfect sound
    oh, is that all you're doing?

    3 years and 40 grand later, we'll see if you found it yet.

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    and your point?

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    Wirelessly posted

    Maxon od808 is the best. Put it in front. Skip the eq.

    The od is used for changing what hits the front of the amp to make it tighter. I don't use any of the overdrive from it and don't really boost the level much either.
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    I used an MXR GT-OD to boost my 6505+ and was amazing.

    I tried tube screamers and other OD's but the GT-OD was the best for the 6505+.

    It tightens the low end thickens the mids (without being to overbearing) and added some nice saturation.

    An EQ is basically to shape the tone a little more by choosing which frequencies you want to boost/cut.

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    I like putting an eq in the loop... for leads, turn it in for a mid boost, maybe a slight volume boost with its output adjustment. Could roll back the treble to offset the added beef so I don't kill ears .... a loy of flexibility w/o needed to switch channels

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    Dude, you have to have a boost. It will tighten shit up.
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    See if you can hunt out a used Bloody Murder. Best thing I've done. Beats the TS9 I had.


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