New Scale the Summit Track "The Odyssey"

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Thread: New Scale the Summit Track "The Odyssey"

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    New Scale the Summit Track "The Odyssey"

    It's pretty awesome

    [VIDEO]]Scale The Summit - "Odyssey" (Official Track Stream) - YouTube[/VIDEO]
    Love Charity Esteem

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    Yeah, I already preordered I like STS when I am just chillin out at work. Sometimes songs with vocals distract me.

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    Nice. I like this song more than anything off their other albums.

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    Awesome song. Probably the best I've heard from them so far.
    They're on Prosthetic? Could have sworn they were a Sumerian band.

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    Thanks for this. I'll be heading to their site to pre-order.

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    That was pretty awesome. Definitely looking forward to this record.

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    They are some great players, but their music bores the hell out of me.
    Confront and Cry

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