12 year old covering Guthrie Govan's Fives

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Thread: 12 year old covering Guthrie Govan's Fives

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    12 year old covering Guthrie Govan's Fives

    hope it's not a repost.... pretty amazing!


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    Plays it better than I can.

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    That kid is pretty amazing indeed....
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    The kids that are playing like this now are going to be the ones changing up the way the guitar is played in a few years from now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rev Drucifer View Post

    The kids that are playing like this now are going to be the ones changing up the way the guitar is played in a few years from now.
    I dunno. There are a lot of these kids that end up being good enough to parrot anything they want, but incapable of really doing anything new. I almost think it's a curse to be that good that early. So much of what makes an innovative musician - especially guitarists - is how they figure out how to approximate what they can't do.

    I think being able to speak in someone else's voice can make it harder to find ones own. Eddie's tapping was all about sounding like Holdsworth but not being able to. Joe Bonamassa wanted to sound like EJ, but couldn't, and adapted it to his own style. There are other examples. Ty Tabor made the comment that our styles are as shaped by what we can't do as much as by what we can, and I believe that.

    This guy:Adis Guitar / AdisGuitar.com - YouTube is kinda my cautionary tale. The guy can seriously play almost anything, from SRV inspired Blues to massive shred, to straight bebop. Even Bass solos. I followed him around NAMM one year, and he just ripped on everything - sick country chicken picking, Vai flavored wackiness, even classical. Unreal.

    But it all comes from an external place. It's a pastiche. He's a human jukebox of guitar styles. And somewhere in that avalanche of talent, his own voice gets lost. Last I heard, in 2006 he was recording a solo album that I was really excited for. I dunno if he died or gave up, but everything stops around that time. It just bummed me out that a guy that talented ended up a Xerox machine, because anything he wanted to learn, he could.

    I know a few other players that have managed to sound just like Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth, or Eric Johnson, and that's where they stay. Dude, we already have one of those. I'm going on an OT rant, sorry, and this kid kicks ass, it's just been on my mind lately that with all the educational materials and videos and tab, and scientific practice regimens that the one thing we don't teach is how to be an artist, and challenge yourself to go outside the box.

    Or maybe I'm just projecting because my entire "style" is based on "fuck, dude, I can't play that. Here's my approximation of that lick but half as fast and twice as sloppy."


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    Bloody hell!
    We're all musicians, still searching for our roots.

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    I wonder how a kid that young can focus to learn something like that @ his age.
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    Cause kids learn way way easier than you do. If he would quit for 7 years and come back to the instrument and try to learn this he'd have a hell of a time doing so. I'm learning that now as I'm trying to bring a technical side back into my playing. I can't learn things I used to play not even half as quick as I used to. It's a total bummer so I usually end up just giving up.

    edit: To be clear I'm not knocking on the kid's skills. He certainly has talent from practice. But most kids could get that talented with dedication and guidance.

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