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Thread: Slight problem

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    Slight problem

    Is there anywhere on this site i can post about having a new recording on my sound cloud without being banned/blocked? I don't post about it everyday. I have posted a few times whenever i recorded a new song. Don't other members do that? I just want to know what exactly are the guidelines considered for spamming. Or if there's a better place for me to post recordings on this site let me know.


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    Have a look at the first site rule here:

    The somewhat official rules of MG.ORG

    It's not where you're posting your soundcloud links. It's that you are ONLY posting soundcloud links. It's nothing personal.

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    fair enough

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    Hey, credit for posting up to ask. We may be slightly biased, but we think there are plenty of other reasons to post here other than to ask people to check out your music - stick around, get to know the rest of the community, and as a forum regular people will be way more interested in hearing what you're up to anyway.
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