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    Band spam alert

    My band's finally shaping up for our 2nd gig. For those who don't know we did a gig just before Xmas, then had a run of bad luck. Our singer and lead guitarist had to leave for personal reasons, then I broke my wrist and wasn't able to play for two months. Well, we've been breaking in the new singer and lead guitarist for a while, and we've got a gig in a months time.

    This is one of the new song's we've written. It's still a little rough in places, but it gives you an idea of how it's shaping up. Sound balance is a bit off as the camera was sat on the other guitarists amp and the PA just isn't up to the job of making the vocals properly audible. I'm playing my 5153 50w into my 3x12, the lead guitarist has a Mesa MkV running into the studio's Fallen Angel 4x12.

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    Hell yeah Definitely diggin' that, good stuff, man!

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    Good stuff man!

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