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    New stuff from Dan Swano

    The best perks of "Crimson" mixed up with Nightingale goodness.

    [VIDEO]]Witherscape - Astrid Falls (OFFICIAL ALBUM TRACK) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Opeth, consider you ass kicked...

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    Damn, that was awesome.

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    Wirelessly posted

    Well, all of the music was good, but the clean vocals were complete shit.

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    Came for Swanö... got Swanö goodness, wasn't disappointed
    It's like someone mixed the guitars of Edge of Sanity with vocals of Nightingale... nothing wrong with that

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    I really love Swanö. This is pretty awesome, although I agree I don't particularly love the vocals.
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    I'm not feeling the vocals either, but all in all pretty cool.
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