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Thread: Korean metal band Crash

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    Korean metal band Crash

    Not sure if these guys have ever been posted here before.

    I actually have their first album (from 1993) on CD. It has one of the coolest CD cases I've ever seen, too. I don't mean the album art, I mean the actual case is cool. On that album is also a thrash metal cover of "Smoke on the Water"

    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZucEw4vKNFc]Crash 'Crashday' - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    pretty cool! I lived in Seoul from '87-'90, there was a killer underground metal scene then.

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    I dig them...going to get their CD thanks for sharing

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    Any other Korean metal recommendations?

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    those guys have pretty cool esp customs.

    Korean Artist Series

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