So after ~a year of not doing anything it looks like everyone is finally back on board to get Nutricula back up and running. Pretty excited as the past year of looking for new people to start something with has been pretty frustrating, and I think we all kind of came to the conclusion at the same time that we may as well just get back together. These dudes are my best friends so it makes sense, wish we didn't have to go through this shit every couple of years but oh well

The only thing is we aren't going to bring our last vocalist back. He was a great vocalist, but a fucking weird dude and most of the band didn't really like him. So that is kind of a bummer but I think it will be best in the end. And we are adding in another guitar player, another super old friend that we've all jammed with in other things. Should be pretty cool.

So me and the the the other original guitarist got together the other night and started tossing some riffs back and forth, and after a few hours and a 6 pack of beer we came up with this:

Kind of a new direction if any of you guys remember the old stuff, but not too much of a departure that it sounds like a new band or anything. I think we'll probably keep a handful of old songs but mostly concentrate on a fresh start, especially considering we'll be looking for a new vocalist and adding in another guitarist.

Anyways, pretty excited and thought I'd share