Unlocking The Truth~ Two sixth grade metalheads from Brooklyn

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Thread: Unlocking The Truth~ Two sixth grade metalheads from Brooklyn

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    Unlocking The Truth~ Two sixth grade metalheads from Brooklyn

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    Saw this on The Chive yesterday. Those kids going to be monster musicians with the passion they have. Way cool.

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    these kids are awesome.... STAY METAL!!!!

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    Headbanging with an afro is just awesome

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    Those kids are awesome, favorite part was the whiteboard
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    Really cool.

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    After reading more about things they've been saying, I can't say that I view them in a very positive light. They're just looking to get famous. Sure, that's not super rare, but it's really off putting and I can't help but just lump them in with the rest of the celebrity whoring populace that's obsessed with shit like the Kardashians and that chick that paid James Deen to fuck her for her "leaked" sex tape, regardless of the genre they've chosen. (in fact, that makes me even more put off, if anything)

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