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Thread: New Gorguts track

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    New Gorguts track

    [VIDEO]]Gorguts - Forgotten Arrows (lyrics video) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Glad to finally hear something new from them! I'm liking this track, though it probably won't do much for you if you're not already a fan of the From Wisdom to Hate era.

    (Incidentally, I just realized that From Wisdom to Hate is now 12 years old... yikes...)

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    album of the year for me.

    got the cd + shirt on preorder already lol

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    moar pleeze!
    Confront and Cry

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    sounds liek the last album with aMUUUUCH better production -

    thats a very good thing/

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    so dissonant. love it.

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    Wirelessly posted

    So glad someone posted this. I cannot fucking wait.

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    Pre-ordered the shit out of this. Hopefully it goes better than the last time I tried to order a cd + t shirt combo from a label in France

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