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Thread: MG Northeast Crew Meet-Up - Pics/Videos

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    MG Northeast Crew Meet-Up - Pics/Videos

    Absolutely awesome time this weekend guys, thanks for making the trip up, and for putting up with my neurotic nagging about keeping my house clean. I had a fantastic time (and a few too many beers, haha) and I hope you all did too.

    I spent most of my time eating/jamming/listening to everyone play, so not many pics and only two videos, but here they are with some captions as needed. Drew texted me at ~7:30 in the morning asking what the scoop was, so I sent him this. These mad bastards left at ~2 in the morning to make the trip, and ripped it up the whole time they were here.

    Guitars starting to pop up. Josh's crazy bass, Angel's CT and RGD.

    My buddy Todd popped by early in the afternoon, while the NY/NJ crew was off taking a power nap at the hotel. Josh was by for a bit as well, so some metal was forged.

    + Drew

    Angel's CT and my JP6:

    RGD, my Suhr 7, which nobody played because Drew's is so much cooler looking.

    And I can't say I blame everyone, it really is..

    HD1221 for the Axe-Fx, Drew's Roadster, my Mark V.

    Josh's asskicker of a bass rig, in it's usual spot.

    My Suhr 6, Josh's mini-Marshalls. (JVM and ... erm, something else.)

    + Keith, Rob and the Lady Anomaly, who brought awesome snacks for all and filled my freezer with ice cream.

    Ron's PRS Private Corksniffers. I didn't actually play the blue one but I am in love with the black semi hollow:

    Josh, Rob, Beard, Feet:

    Drew on the 'skins:

    BBQ! I marinated these overnight and was a little nervous that the marinade would suck, and I'd treat my guests to crappy tasting steak tips. As it turns out, they were pretty good!

    Thanks to Ron's epic grilling skills:

    + BBQ Chicken. I was full when this actually came out, but it disappeared pretty quickly so I assume it was also good. While I'm on the topic, Drew's homemade guacamole totally ruled. We BBQ'd up a bunch of other crap, and I should note that I am really sick of hamburgers and hot dogs now.

    Tom on the grille for the chicken, stoking the fires of BBQ d00m.

    Keith + his Tech 21 Trademark 30. Twangin' it up.

    This jam RIPPED. I have a video for this one. Drew on drums, Angel being Angel, Ron playing rhythms through that absolutely SICK sounding Sherlock head, and Josh on bass.

    A little later in the night, + Ari, who brought up his Fryette, the Dragonrider and some other goodies.

    Donny on drums as usual, and his girlfriend Lisa. This jam also absolutely kicked ass, and I have video for this one as well.

    Same jam. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

    + Angel's ass.

    Jason in a typical-Jason-shirt, proof that he does indeed play guitar, and not just those silly low tuned ones with too few strings and really long necks.

    Ari with the Dragonrider, Jason's Ibby bass to the left:

    The Sherlock:

    Pals. (And of course, I'm talking about Drew and Basil Hayden)

    Jam, jam, jam...

    And a couple pics I snapped this morning, while saying farewell to the NY/NJ lads making the trek back. Here's a pair of PRS private stock ten tops being used as a doorstop. Take that, cork sniffers!

    Ron, Angel and some epic packing skills.

    And that's it for the pics. Thanks again guys, I had a blast.

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    [VIDEO]]MG July '13 Get-Together #1 - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]MG July '13 Get-Together #2 - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Seriously, this was so much fun, and also made me want to really learn how to play drums. Between that and moving my amp, my whole upper body fucking aches.

    EDIT - and holy shit, Angel makes me want to practice. Shit, man.
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    Haven't checked the videos yet, but did you get any of Angel teaching Jason " Comfortably Numb" from the next room?

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    Awesome! Looks like a lot of fun!

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    Gonna have this swirlied on an RGA8

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leon View Post
    Gonna have this swirlied on an RGA8
    This was swamp ass until it evolved into a black hole... CAN YOU SEE MY SINGULARITY?!

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