Anyone here have management for your band?

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Thread: Anyone here have management for your band?

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    Anyone here have management for your band?

    My band has gotten a couple offers lately from some guys looking to manage us. I always get weary of this because everyone has their own idea of what managing is.

    The most appealing offer so far is from a local guy who has been working in radio for the last 10 years, before mainstream rock radio died here in Ft. Lauderdale, he worked at the biggest station down here. He wants to charge $100 up front and $30 a month afterward. No contract, we can leave at any time. His goal is to push the band towards radio, terrestrial and internet, using his connections.

    Cool thing is, the guy already likes us and has zero interest in molding us in any way or form. He's simply there to book us shows and push us on the radio. He's fairly blunt and I've heard him turn some bands away because they lacked any kind of radio-friendly material, so I know he thinks he can do something with us. He's hooked us up with a few shows in the past, as well as made my band the featured artist of the month/interviewed me on his radio show.

    It's not a lot of money, so it might be worth the risk, I was just curious if anyone else has hooked this kind of deal up before and had any opinions.

    Thanks, sluts!

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    "Booking shows and pushing you on the radio" is not management. It is the job of a promoter. A band manager will take care of your finances, resolve internal disputes, push you to write new and better songs (possibly for different markets...), hire promoters, schedule your recording dates, etc etc.

    If your goals are to be bigger than a local act - consider it an option. Don't let him call himself your manager - he can be your paid promoter.

    If you just want to be local/regional then don't bother, in my experience. There are plenty of free ways to promote yourself, and there are a lot of booking agents and promoters that laugh at/refuse to work with local bands with "management." Especially "management" that calls itself such when it really isn't.
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    Good call.

    I've briefly read the Passman book, so I have a general idea of the difference. I'm wondering now if he's offering different things to different bands. He already knows us as a band, knows we have our own studio, don't have any issues in the band and there's not nearly enough financial stuff happening for someone to look over. Maybe he figured all he could offer us at this point was radio promotion?

    The biggest thing with this area is that there is no terrestrial rock radio in Ft. Lauderdale. Every city around us has rock radio, but we have ZERO connections with them.

    The reality of our situation is that unless we were offered a serious amount of money, we'd never be able to tour outside Florida. Two of the guys in the band are making $100K+ a year and have no way to leave their jobs if they want it to be there when they get back. So regional is definitely the goal.

    That said, I joined this band to become a better musician and to build a name for myself in the area for my future. The guys I play with are all 10 years older than I am and I don't know how much longer they're going to pursue this. I'm only 30, I got plenty of time left. Thus far, it's working exactly how I planned it and the guys all know my stance and are fine with it.

    I like the option that we can leave at anytime, but that goes both ways and it would suck to be carried along for a while then just dropped if something bigger/better came his way.

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