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Thread: Cover Band Versatility

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    Cover Band Versatility

    Living in the sticks I've always had to be crazy versatile to play in any bands that play live. My home town is only about 12,000 people and it's an insane mix of University kids, rednecks, blue collar rockers, and Portlandia style hipsters.

    I've been playing in a straight up hair metal cover band on and off for years that's starting back up again. Lately I've been playing with a "standards" style classic rock band and on Thursday I was invited to play with a hard rock / metal group that I guess would be best described as "bro" metal.

    Each band has material that I love and some that I don't but it's really the people in each band that keeps me going. I have a great time with all three groups of guys and there's very little bullshit or drama.

    I think the strangest thing is the sounds coming from my practice room each night. My wife gets a bit of stylistic whip-lash. Last night I was working on a Killswitch Engage song, followed by Bon Jovi, followed by a tune by CCR. Each in a different tuning on a different guitar with a completely different amp rig on the Axe Fx II.

    Anybody else stretch this far out or I am just the crazy one?
    Lead, follow, or get the fuck out of the way!

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    Not at all man. I play as many different genres as I feel like as often as I can. Playing one style gets monumentally boring, and learning about different styles makes you a better guitarist anyway if you apply why you learn to your own playing. More power to you, brotha!

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    It's a credit to you that you can play all those styles comfortably. I mean, I know a lot of the classic rock stuff probably isn't challenging, but doing it well requires wide musical knowledge.

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    It's more challenging than you think. My cover band does everything from Carrie Underwood to Jason Mraz to the Bee Gees to Boston to Bon Jovi. I think it's actually really good for my playing - I *never* did any sort of double-stops before I started learning the Eagles and Tom Petty tunes, for example...

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    I enjoy the versatility of my cover band, but I don't think we're *that* versatile

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    Location: La Grande, Oregon
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    I have a bit of musical ADD. I definitely have my favorites but once in a while I get a strange craving to pick up a strat and play some funk right after playing some Pantera. Playing in each band helps scratch that itch. It also helps me self justify owning an Axe Fx II when I'm a mere weekend warrior.

    I find that even the technically easier stuff can be fun because while the lick / chord is simple I can always really work on playing in the pocket and on some of the classic rock stuff that pocket isn't always straight.

    I am having some adjustment with the finer points of technique as I switch between them. For example, I attack the strings on an SRV blues shuffle like Pride & Joy way different than I do on the synched up metal attack of Psychosocial by Slipknot. The amp models react differently as well. I have my tones pretty accurate for each bands "era" and that makes it fun. I now understand the appeal of session work.

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    My largest stretch would be Folsom prison to wagon wheel to rock you like a hurricane!

    Ccr to KSE is definitely a broad stroke lol!

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    I play in a variety of bands as well. Keeps it fun and interesting.

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