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Thread: New band for Progressive Metalcore fans.

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    New music video from The Skin We Live In.

    Hi Guys,

    I'm from the band "The Skin We Live In" and we're a metalcore band from Western Australia, I myself can't really determine what genre we are as we vary a fair bit in our songs, we mostly try to have fun with everything.

    So far we have started delving into the more technical side of things with our new music, not in terms of shredding but with off time signatures and my unhealthy obsession with fat grooves.

    We've just recently released our first music video alongside one of our new recordings titled "Declaration". I'd appreciate if you could take the time to check it out, all positive feedback and constructive crits are welcome, I want to improve our sound and cater to the taste of other muso's, not just the masses like most metalcore bands.

    anyway, here is the link to the youtube video:
    [VIDEO]]The Skin We Live In - DECLARATION [Official Music Video] - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    and another link to our facebook page, if you want to keep up to date with what we're doing:

    Thanks for your time, I'm looking forward to getting some feedback from you guys.
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    Crab walk seen. I should contact them about making Crabclaws to compliment their crab walk.

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    That was me struggling to maintain balance, the director asked that we do a few textbook metalcore poses to cater for the metalcore fanatics that Australia is overpopulated with. However I struggle getting low down with this stuff so you'll see me a couple of times shuffling to try and maintain balance throughout the video haha, I'm fairly clumsy when it comes to metalcore stage antics, I grew up watching guitarists hold an agressive stance banging their head like the old days, or walk around eyeballing the shit out of people. It also didn't really help that we were on the third story of a super old building with floorboards that were eaten out by white ants haha.

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    Everything sounds very professionally done. However, the title of this thread is "for progressive metal core fans", which you're not likely to find many here. I can't really comment on the song beyond saying its not my thing.

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    It's not really my genre of choice, but I like the guitar tones and the overall production. The guitars have a crispness and body that seems lacking in most metalcore tunes. I also like the uptempo section, which you don't hear from many metalcore bands (at least not in my limited experience). Since it's not my style, it's a little hard for me to give useful critiques, but I did find that a few of the guitar parts seemed slightly out of tune. That's a big bugaboo with me. I also thought the vocals might be slightly too high in the mix.

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    Cheers for the feedback guys, very much appreciated. will keep in mind for future.
    I've changed the title now so hopefully it doesnt steer the people of MG away.
    Thank you for pointing that out jacksonplayer, I did actually notice a note every now and then that seemed slightly off but put it to nitpickiness, I'm a bit hard on myself most of the time so I probably overcompensated for that, its good to hear someone else point it out.
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    It's not my genre, per se, even though I can appreciate it for what it is. Still, it lacks a certain authenticity. I didn't connect with the song at all, it was more like the band was going through the motions. I guess what I'm trying to say is that there are songs that make you want to get up and have your own personal mosh pit right there in your living room, and I just didn't get any of that energy from the song.

    You've all worked very hard, and I'm not taking away from that. The production is great, both for the video and song. It's time to connect with the music you're playing and extend that connection to the listener, imo.

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    whatsup with the vocalist in the backwards hat? he just kinda talks loud. Sounds like vocal duties should just be left to the long hair

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