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    Music Book

    The last 5 years I have been looking for old sheet music/tab books. I have gotten most of the ones I have been looking for ,but finding some people are just asking crazy prices for these book. I just got 2 more I have been looking for this week for a good price got Skid Rows first album and Extreme 3 Sides To Every Story. One book my brother was looking for was a Pat Benetar book from 1985, a guy wanted 2000$ for it, crazy. When I was out of town I found it for $20 in a rare book shop. Anybody else looking for old book , I had to build a bookshelf just for the books now and still looking for a couple more old books.

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    Occasionally I look for that same Extreme book but haven't found it yet. Not that I'd be able to play any of it once I would get it.

    I did pay $40 for Blues Saraceno's "Never Look Back" & I thought I was nuts for paying that much. Lots to learn in that book.

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    I've got III Sides languishing back at my mum's place. It's quite likely sitting in a box on top of a stack of porno mags, disguising the buried treasure within.

    When I first saw this post a few days ago, I wasn't sure if it was bot-generated spam, with the million mentions of the word 'book' in it.

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