Play the solo to Shine by Collective Soul the right way! Video lesson

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Thread: Play the solo to Shine by Collective Soul the right way! Video lesson

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    Play the solo to Shine by Collective Soul the right way! Video lesson

    Cooked this up last night and thought i'd share! I had to learn this one for a student recently, and realized there were zero good tabs or correct video covers of this online. Did my best to work it out perfect, so i figured i'd share the love! Its a great solo. Enjoy!
    [VIDEO]]Collective Soul Shine guitar solo lesson and cover + TAB - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Great video as always man!

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    You nailed man great lesson.
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    Nicely done, Ben!
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    I've always thought the guy from Collective Soul was criminally underrated - huge Steve Morse fan and it shows. The lead to "She Gathers Rain" was one of my favorites from the 90s.

    Also, the comparative lack of guitar faces in this video is totally refreshing.
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    I'm pretty sure when the song was recorded Ross was in drop Db as well. I remember reading an interview in GFTPM ages ago about his setup and rig. SansAmp direct and drop Db on the guitar when they recorded it.

    I'm not sure how the current guy plays it. He may be in standard Eb tuning.

    I had to learn this solo many years ago and agonized over getting it note for note and I got sort of close, but in the end I just ended up improving something that comes close to the same vibe. I was surprised how tough that solo is, you can definitely see the Morse influence.

    Nice job nailing it and passing it on.

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    Needs more satisfaction face.
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