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Thread: Recommend some MG players to listen to?

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    Recommend some MG players to listen to?

    Ok so I am new here and I just looked at the entire "show us your axes" thread.

    Holy God.

    Pure GAS inducing guitar Pron if I ever saw it. Posted text description of what I am presently hoarding/ cobbling together guitar-wise which isn't much but I have my own very specific preferences, namely for non-locking trem, mahogany bodied RG's which I mod to get that way.

    Nothing pretty. Sound great though.

    Can you guys point me to threads with some samples of the playing (from MG members)?

    I have to believe that the owners of guitars such as I have seen here must be eternal shred gods. Or at the very least there must be a high percentage of great players here.

    Where do I find their sound clips/ videos?

    Maybe you guys could list some of the top guns, I wanna hear 'em.

    On that note, I am really just a classical player. Who loves shred. Actually a fairly fine line between great classical playing and great metal playing.

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    Seanbabs and Angel (Vivaldi) immediately come to mind.


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    Don't forget about Ola that dude has some serious metal chops.
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    Drew's album is also worth buying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. S View Post
    Drew's album is also worth buying.

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    Crook's Fools Game album is good if you want to take your mind off your prostate health issues with some bitching old man power metal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. S View Post
    Drew's album is also worth buying.

    Jacksonplayer's stuff is also worth checking out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. S View Post
    Drew's album is also worth buying.
    Soon enough, man! metal:

    Sean and Angel both kill - definitely keep an eye on Angel's "Away with Words" updates, but his older stuff is phenomenal, too. Sean, well, give him crap about not recording, too, and maybe he'll finish his album (which worked SO well for me ). Cassidy is a monster as well, and IIRC ~2/3 through his EP. And of course, there's Lyle Watt, whose playing is crap but will make you want to burn all of your guitars anyway. Ken Burtch doesn't post much anymore but has been around a bit lately, is a super nice guy, and holy mother of god did his EP floor me back in '99 or '00 or so when I first joined Jemsite and figured I was pretty good because real people I knew couldn't actually play like Satch or Vai. And I keep hoping Aaron/eleven59 will do an instrumental project - super tasteful lead playing, with more chops than he lets on. The Adminishredder will never finish his album, but Chris burns as well and writes pretty kickass riff-based instrumental metal. And he doens't post a ton either, but I've been taking lessons from Eric Clemenzi who's a member around here, who's an absolute monster player while still being incredibly tasteful, and one of the nicest guys in the guitar world I've met. Oh, and check out anything Andee Blacksugar posts too - dude is quirky as hell, and brilliant.

    There's probably a dozen guys I'm forgetting here... Wasn't it Fred (not Blum, who is obviously also worth a listen as well) who did that killer cover of a delay-heavy fingerstyle song on his Tele not long ago? That one totally caught me off guard - quiet, unassuming guy, and then suddenly holy shit, mindbendingly good performance.

    Really, there's sort of a humbling amount of talent around here, and in some very unexpected places.

    EDIT - I love the fact we hjave 1.) a new member asking for recommendations to check out from existing members, and 2.) we're nearing the ten post mark and thus far no one's spamming their own shit. Community!
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