Anyone afraid of the studio/recording?

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Thread: Anyone afraid of the studio/recording?

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    Anyone afraid of the studio/recording?

    My drummer hates it. He's done everything in his power to avoid recording his parts that will finish our full length. He knows his tempo is all over the place, but he comes from a "John Bonham was never perfect through a whole song..."....even though we're playing fairly structured metal songs, not jammy, classic rock tunes.

    My bassist, who owns a studio and is recording us, requested that he uses a different kit, because his 60's acrylic Ludwig's sound like ass. He's got other kits that sound great, so it shouldn't have been an issue....but that turned into a 2 week discussion.....stalling...

    I made the dude scratch tracks of the tunes, he listened to them with me, said they were perfect. I find out a week later, (through someone not even in our band) that he came into the practice space, threw the CD against and wall and said it was "Fucking useless.". I recorded everything to a click and programmed his drum parts exactly the way he plays them, minus the fills, just to make it easier on him.

    He's now refusing to record in the studio, which is tuned and soundproofed and will only record in our cement walled practice space, surrounded by guys doing auto repair/painting nonstop, all hours of the night.

    He's tried stalling the process longer by suggesting we drop some previously recorded songs and write new ones to replace them. Long after we agreed on the track listing. Then suggested we wait til he buys new drums so it'll sound better.

    The final straw for me was him refusing to play to a click. He wants to come in, play the songs straight through with no click or guide tracks, just him. I've already heard the results of him doing this. My bass player spent hours time correcting and sound replacing everything and it ultimately sounds like shit.

    Firing him isn't an option because the bond he and the other guitarist have (they started this band about 15 years ago). I'm personally not that attached to the band, but being that these new tunes we have to record were 90% written/arranged by me, I don't want them coming out like ass.

    Blows my mind, man. I fucking love being in the studio. It's another instrument as far as I'm concerned. Also, I REFUSE to record without a click. Even when I just record random riffs/ideas, I do it with a click.

    Anyone got any similar experiences or have any advice on how to smooth this situation out?

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    If he isn't capable and won't do what it takes to nail it, I'd say either:

    A. Program the drums for the recording and keep him as live meat.
    B. Leave the band and take your songs with you.

    B would be my choice, as he sounds like a complete twat.

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    Wirelessly posted (Box Smasher)

    I get panic attacks in the studio and really, really suck. But I still just push through and try to find confidence. Do what you can to get him excited and confident. He probably avoids the click because he feels exposed, but he should know that it is the only way to do the job. Maybe make some killer scratch tracks to a click for him to play to

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    It doesn't sound like this guy is worth the trouble. Either program his parts and make him deal with it, or quit and take your songs, like Cassidy suggested.
    If it were my band he already would have been fired by now.

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    What Lee says, or get him to track with an e-kit so the job of unshitifying his playing is easy and fast.

    And to answer the thread title: yes, terrified.

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    I'm more scared of your situation, usually..someone who either can't or doesn't want to put the effort in to getting good recordings. I had a drummer long, long ago who wanted a very specific sound (sample replaced to high hell, beat corrected, etc) but didn't want to record to a click.....He just assumed that he would record his parts as sloppy as he wanted and the engineer would fix everything in post. He also assumed he would be able to play each song one time through, fuckups or not, and be done, cause "Whats the fucking point of recording digital if I'm gonna have to play the songs four hundred times!?!" ...maybe its just a sloppy drummer thing.

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    good drummers are hard to find.
    just passing through....

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    Don't let the bond between the other guitarist and drummer hold you back, because then you're the one holding yourself back.

    It would be more work to get him to play to a click/improve overall. It's worth to at least try. This is also a business, so you gotta draw the line sometimes. It sucks, but that's the way it works.

    I would live in a studio if I could.

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