My gift to you all: Something to hate more than anything you've hated lately.

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Thread: My gift to you all: Something to hate more than anything you've hated lately.

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    My gift to you all: Something to hate more than anything you've hated lately.

    If you make it to the first chorus, I'll be seriously impressed. I'd actually be surprised if anyone makes it past 45 seconds.


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    I made it to 0:52 :/
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    it was only a matter of time

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    1997 called... they want their Three Dollar Bill back.

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    I made it to the end, but then I had my speakers muted because I'm working off-hours and don't want to wake the family.

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    I made it to 2:31. Not proud of it, but I did. In my defense, the chorus is hilarious and I needed to hear it more than once.

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    errrrrmmm arrrrrr errrggg my soul is dyinggggg aaaaaahh eeerrgggg the way they stare into the camera with that tough guy 10 yard stare of disillusionment... aarrggg soo harddddd errr the other 990 yards are left for real men to stare intoo eeerrgggg I listened to the whole thing.... IVE SEEN THE DEVIL.... KILL ME.....

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