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    metal instrumental

    Good day fellow rockers! I found this videon on youtube that really caught my attention.
    Ive been trying to learn the song but i find it really hard to do it. There is a download link for the tab on the decription of the vid but i dont know how to read it as well. Anyway here is the youtube link,maybe someone can try to learn it and post a video cover on youtube. Here is the link

    And if you guys can make a tut for it id really appreciate it..
    Thank you
    Rock and roll!

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    Maybe it's me but it's more rock than metal.

    The shredding is just scales. Do you know how to alternate the pick? up/down/up/down/up/down. Start with major scale and each note is up or down thoughout the scale. (double picking) One hour a day of practice and in a month you could do the same. Your hands will start to hurt after a while. Just drop your hands straight down (both of them) to let the blood flow back into your hands. 4-5 minutes. Start again. You find after a while, the control of left/right hand movements start working together.

    After learning the major scale, do minor, then whole tone, etc. That's the basic's.

    Then there's tunning. Most metal guitarist loose me with the different tunnings and's amazing how they do it. But it all goes back to the double picking...

    I know this isn't what you asked for but this is one trick of many. Maybe some metal guitarists can weight in on some other tricks of the trade?

    Nice tune by the way...what's odd it only had 4 views?

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